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Photos also include Sienna, medieval village of San Gimignano, Florence and Piza

Rolf Margenau is a prize-winning author who has published six novels and two photography books. He was a Sergeant during the Korean War, a professional photographer, corporate attorney, founder of a not-for-profit homeless shelter, ran big and small businesses, and began writing novels loosely based on his experiences ten years ago.

The novels feature Wylie Cypher, first seen as a twenty-year-old college dropout who comes of age during the Korean War. In 1980, he’s a successful but burned out lawyer with a failing marriage. He runs afoul of many villains as he begins a trek with his daughter through the high Andes in Peru.

Retired, in his mid-sixties, Wylie does battle with BIG AG as a Master Gardener, also befriending a group of eco-terrorists who help save the Monarch butterfly. In National Parks, he lives in a dystopian future where Congress attempts to sell off our national parks to bail out a bankrupt country.

His most recent story is a fable/thriller about the unexpected results of a medical team’s effort to prolong human life by 30 years. The book answers the question of what could go wrong with that idea.

The author retired Wylie Cypher in 2019 to research and write about how young people with a German background respond to the demands of World War II, on the home front, at war and in an American POW camp. War Story was published in September 2021.

Rolf Margenau lives amid farmland in northern New Jersey with his first wife of over sixty years.