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Award-Winning Novelist and Photographer

Latest Novel Longevity

Longevity is a fable disguised as a medical thriller that ponders the justification for extending human life by thirty years. The tone. however, is light-hearted, even though murder, mayhem, misdirection, and decapitation inhabit Longevity’s pages. The author tosses his main characters into deep holes and finds imaginative ways to extricate them.

Lucy Mendoza leads a team of scientists at the Prendergast Foundation who are testing an enzyme that might extend our lives by thirty years.

For several reasons, the federal government, a major pharmaceutical company, and a billionaire investor have no qualms about eliminating Lucy to ensure that project will fail. Her former lover Grant Duran, an ex-Marine special ops officer who’s lost a hand and is now a molecular biologist, thwarts the first attempt on her life. As dead bodies accumulate and Lucy and Grant struggle to defend themselves, they begin to wonder whether the Longevity project should survive.

Early reviews: BlueInk Review-- "A fast read, Longevity examines a topic readers are sure to find interesting. .. it delivers a largely compelling read."

The Book Review Directory:

"Thoughtful yet fast-paced, readers who enjoy medical thrillers with a dose of adventure will want to pick up this book. Its mix of humor, irony, medical science, and action will provide readers with a fun ride."